Wendy Zabicki started working with horses as a pre-teen. One of her first horse experiences was when a neighbor coaxed her into climbing onto his new horse that had never been under saddle before. Despite being thrown almost immediately by the horse, Wendy walked away with a realization that she needed to rely on her own intuition about an animal... and her intuition told her that there had to be better ways to acclimate a horse to a human rider.  Later, as a teenager, her animal handling experience expanded to dogs when she accepted a job at a veterinarian clinic.  Wendy has worked with animals of all kinds ever since.  With the help of Kali St-Wyatt and Katherine Jacobson, she established Midnight's Equine Rescue and Sanctuary 5 years ago in Mt. Airy, Maryland.  

Wendy is certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Licensed Vet Tech (LVT) and by the State of Maryland as a Registered Vet Tech (RVT).  Additionally, she is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA).

Midnight's  Equine  Rescue and Sanctuary

Ask Wendy:  Advice to help answer your equine-related questions.  

Dear Wendy,  I recently adopted a young male horse (3 years old) that is neutered.  Overall, he is a wonderful horse who is comfortable with people and other horses.  The problem is that he is full of mischief and tries to nibble at my hat, bite my shoulder and any other part of me that is within his reach.  I sense that while he is being playful, he is also trying to establish dominance.  How can I curtail his mouthiness without suppressing his playfulness?

Signed, Once Bitten, Twice Shy