Midnight's  Equine  Rescue and Sanctuary


    Our Mission is simple: to provide a safe haven for the unwanted horses. This means dispensing care and developing horsemanship culminating in a well-balanced horse partner. We shall educate the public and provide hands-on learning experiences for those who wish to spend time with our herd. For those in our herd who are "retired" from their former work, we shall ensure a lifelong loving, safe and enriched place for them to spend their last days. We shall furnish a haven so that they can enjoy the rest of their lives in a nurturing and stress-free environment.

    We are dedicated to staying "small" so that we are able to attend to ALL of our horses' needs-including but not limited to daily handling, natural horsemanship training, and essential medical care.  

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Midnight's Equine Rescue and Sanctuary

4340 Roop Rd

Mt Airy, Md

PO Box 423

Sykesville, Md 21784


Phone:    410-599-6963

E-mail: info@midnightsequinerescueandsanctuary.com