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     Midnight's Equine Rescue and Sanctuary was born from the love of a rescue horse named Midnight and the heartfelt need to help more like her.  When Midnight was rescued she was shut down, withdrawn, distrusting; with a shell of a soul. Yet, one could see Midnight didn't want to stay the way she was.  She was a beautiful mare, and after a year of working with her, she blossomed into the most caring and connected horse ever.  Sadly, Midnight was taken from us way too soon by colic, leaving us all heartbroken.  A few months after Midnight's death, in the fall of 2013, we began the rescue and sanctuary in honor of Midnight.

Volunteers: Not only is volunteering fun and a great way to get exercise and fresh air, (and even to earn "Student Service Learning Credits"!) but many find volunteering to be a hands-on and fulfilling way to learn about horses.  We are always pleased to have your help no matter your skill level, or if you are pitching in for one day or on a more regular basis. Please think about volunteering to help care for Midnight's herd. Contact Midnight's Executive Director, Wendy Zabicki at:



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